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Cohesive Resilient Community

Co-here is about cohesive resilience in communities supported by an economic localisation incentive, complementary currency, peer lending & prepaid subscriptions.

community resilience
Cohesive Resilient Communities

A good prospect for a local revitalisation hub is extending the co-working space, which can provide small business networking and development opportunities. Startup incubators and accelerators are often connected to co-working spaces.

I imagine a co-op startup incubator could use this model.
The combination of a few overlapping cooperatives, such as co-working, co-housing and car sharing could form the basis for a network and help start up many more cooperatives in the local area.

I can imagine the network sharing a platform for subscriptions and a loyalty rewards scheme and allow for rewards to be transferred between them. Private small businesses may also join in the shared platform for subscriptions and loyalty rewards. This could form the basis for a local community currency. A syndicated network could form across the region and eventually a nation and the world. 

Jason Lee Lasky

Co-here aspires to be:

  • kind and considerate
  • open and honest
  • collaborative and cooperative
  • accessible and equitable
  • sustainable and regenerative

Inspired by Coworking core values and manifesto

Co-here means co-operate

connect, converse, collaborate, coordinate

Co-here co-creates …

  • co-invent
  • co-invest
  • co-found
  • co-fund

Co-here contributes…

  • contributes open source
  • contributes to commons

Co-here connects …

  • co-op platform
  • co-op housing
  • co-housing
  • co-working
  • co-op car-sharing
  • co-op ride-share
  • co-op cafe
  • co-op farming
  • co-op food store
  • co-op telco
  • co-op marketing
  • co-op media
  • co-op publish
  • co-op energy
  • co-op storage
  • co-op peer pay
  • co-op mutual merchant credit

Co-here means opportunity

co-everyone, co-everything, co-everywhere